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Jake Geller
I build teams that operate profitable businesses.
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    North Carolina, USA
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    Wrightsville Beach
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Specialized Industries
  • PropTech
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  • Software (SaaS)
  • Professional Services
Core Proficiencies
  • Growth Marketing
  • Creative Strategy
  • Personal Branding
  • Demand Generation
  • Content Strategy
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Go-To-Market Strategy
  • Project Management
  • SOP Creation

Transforming Outbound Sales for a Digital Marketing Firm in Washington DC

March 13, 2024


A decade-old digital marketing firm in Washington DC, known for its enterprise-grade website and digital marketing services, sought to pivot from its reliance on word-of-mouth marketing to a more aggressive outbound sales strategy. Recognizing the need for expertise in this area, the firm enlisted our agency to develop and implement a comprehensive outbound sales process.

Preparation and Initial Setup

Crafting ICP Segments

We initiated the project by defining Ideal Customer Profiles (ICP), using a mix of base and variable filters. This foundational step ensured a targeted approach in our outreach efforts, focusing on prospects most likely to benefit from the client’s services.

Sourcing and List Creation

With ICPs in hand, we meticulously built and segmented prospect lists. This involved leveraging both existing databases and new research, ensuring a rich pipeline of potential leads.

Data Enrichment and Personalization

Using Third-Party Data

Our team used clay.com to enrich the prospect data with vital information, such as website speed, SEO scores, and LinkedIn activity. This step was crucial for personalizing outreach efforts.

Hyper-Personalized Email Content

We crafted email content that was highly personalized for each prospect. By highlighting specific areas for improvement in their digital presence, we were able to capture attention and generate interest.

Omnichannel Outreach Setup

Technical Setup

The setup phase included preparing the cold email domain and integrating lemlist systems with the client’s CRM. This allowed for a seamless flow of lead information and campaign tracking.

CRM Integration

The integration into the client’s existing CRM system was pivotal. It ensured that leads generated from the campaign were effectively captured and managed, facilitating a smooth transition from marketing to sales.

Campaign Execution and Optimization

Running the Campaign

The campaign was launched with a strategic cadence, balancing frequency with engagement. Initial responses were closely monitored to gauge effectiveness and refine messaging.

Optimization and Suggested Adjustments

Based on real-time data, we continuously optimized the campaign. Post-campaign analysis provided the client with actionable insights and recommendations for future outreach efforts.

Results and Impact

The campaign reached approximately 1,000 potential customers, achieving an average open rate of 32.7% and a response rate of 2.5%. These metrics not only surpassed industry benchmarks but also opened new doors for the client, positioning them favorably in a competitive market.

Learnings and Meta-Skills Development

The project was a rich source of learning, especially in developing meta-skills such as collaboration, critical analysis, and strategic thinking. Facing and overcoming challenges, such as data integration and content personalization, enhanced our team’s capabilities and prepared us for future projects.

Conclusion and Future Recommendations

This project demonstrated the power of a well-executed outbound sales strategy. For the client, the journey from reliance on passive marketing to adopting an aggressive outreach approach has been transformative. Our recommendations for the future include exploring additional channels and leveraging AI-driven personalization to further increase engagement and conversion rates.

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