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5 Benefits to Hiring a Sales Enablement Agency

June 21, 2022

Sales is a 1 trillion dollar industry in the United States.

78% of businesses that use social media sales strategies outsell their counterparts. If your B2B sales team relies on cold calling and emailing exclusively, you are missing out on a massive opportunity. Your business is losing money. 

Sales are the backbone of all business. Your sales strategy must be comprehensive, utilizing all the tools and resources at your disposal in the modern world.

Sadly, companies are too preoccupied with the day-to-day minutiae of running the business to zoom out and consider overhauling their sales strategy. It leaves sales teams feeling undertrained and underresourced. As a result, they underperform. 

That is why using a sales enablement agency is so important. It has the power to do what company leadership doesn’t have the time, skills, or resources to do. It provides structure and strategy that will elevate sales teams above their competitors. 

Read on to discover more about these benefits. Your sales team will thank you.

1. The LinkedIn Difference 

With over 675 million LinkedIn users, the platform is the top B2B marketing distributor by a huge margin. If your business isn’t on LinkedIn already, don’t keep putting it off and expecting the best results. Despite its popularity, the platform is still an untapped treasure trove that will make your business stand out amongst competitors.

Still, there is an initial learning curve, and it can be intimidating to get started without a guide. Your sales team is already working hard to generate leads. Hiring a sales enablement agency to get your LinkedIn running, manage it each month, and deliver consistent, revenue-producing results is your best bet. 

Here are some key ways a sales enablement agency like Thumbstop Media can use LinkedIn to help your company expand. 

A Guide to LinkedIn Ads

LinkedIn ads are the most important tool on the platform for B2B sales. But it takes some work to get them prepped, polished, and ready to run.

Once high-level executives and talented business experts start seeing your well-written ads, you can expect your inbox to start overflowing with messages and inquiries. You may even find yourself making sales on the spot without having to revert to your usual sales process. 

That’s how much LinkedIn is changing the sales industry. 

Here’s how a sales enablement agency will help you get started. 

Research and Strategy

Without a game plan for LinkedIn marketing, your business may fail to reach its full potential at best or completely flop at worst. Before ever launching a single ad on LinkedIn, it is important to know your target audience, research the most effective methods for reaching them, and tailor ads to meet them where they are. 

A sales enablement team lives and breathes targeting strategies and proper ad construction. Don’t leave it up to your sales team to figure it out by themselves. Free them up to focus on closing the deal once your LinkedIn ads have done their work. 

Ad Creative 

Once the strategy is in place, it’s time to create the ads themselves. Let the agency do the work for you. They will select prime visual media and write top-notch copy that hits the bullseye with your target audience every time. 

Graphic design, video creation, and copywriting are laborious, time-consuming activities that, unless you are a content-creation business, you don’t have the time or expertise to do yourself. 

If you are going to be outsourcing these activities anyway, why not put them all under one umbrella to streamline your overall marketing plan? Why not use a sales enablement agency? 

agency do the work for you. They will select prime visual media and write top-notch copy that will hit the bullseye with your target audience every time. 

Graphic design, video creation, and copywriting are laborious, time-consuming activities that, unless you are a content-creation business, you don’t have the time or expertise to do yourself. 

If you are going to be outsourcing these activities anyway, why not put them all under one umbrella? Why not use a sales enablement agency to streamline your overall marketing plan?

Campaign Setup

You’ve got the plan and the ads ready to go. Now, it’s time to implement and execute. A great agency like Thumbstop Media will set up your ads account, make sure it’s aimed at the right audience, and prepare the launch for success.

The beginning of a campaign is a big deal. Without guidance, it’s easy to plan improperly and end up with a false start. That’s why the sales enablement experts are here to help. 

Budget Management  

Once a campaign is launched, you need a person or team in place to ensure the dollars are always making sense. Tracking which ads are most effective (turning into conversions consistently) and killing the ones that aren’t is a must. A sales enablement agency can track the data and handle that part of the job for you to make sure your ad budget goes as far as possible. 

CRM Integration

This is the most exciting part of a great LinkedIn strategy. If set up properly, new leads can be sent directly to your CRM. With full integration, there is no wasted time trying to track down leads lost in the ether.

As leads pour in, your sales team will show up each day to find them organized neatly in their CRM. 

Ad Reports

You will never be in the dark about what is and isn’t working about your ads. A good sales enablement agency will send you weekly, detailed reports on the effectiveness of your ads. 

Based on the reports, they will retool your ads to increase relevance to the target audience and drive up interaction. 

Why Use LinkedIn Ads for B2B?

Over half of the traffic on B2B websites and blogs comes from LinkedIn.

It is a gold mine for connecting with business owners and decision-makers in thousands of industries. What starts as an ad on LinkedIn can easily lead to a budding relationship between you and your next big client. 

Quite simply, the people you need to talk to at these companies are on the platform.

Your sales team may never be able to get your foot in the door of decision-makers’ offices via other methods. But LinkedIn can put your business’s best foot forward right on their feeds every day. 

LinkedIn Ads Tips to Increase Lead Gen

One of the strategies a sales enablement agency will use when creating LinkedIn ads for your business is a thorough analysis of your company’s identity and goals. They will gain an understanding of your target market and tailor the ads to those types of people (usually high-level executives or decision-makers in a B2B environment). 

A great ad does best when the visuals are relevant and attractive. The visuals grab attention first. Then comes the copy.

Often, the ad should aim to provide value in and of itself. Because a business owner’s time is so precious, an ad should be succinct and show great value potential immediately. 

The ad should tell the story of your potential client, not your company. It should describe the client’s situation, why they need your help, and how your company can help them achieve their goals. 

With these strategies and a host of others, a sales enablement agency will make your company a powerful, high-demand presence on LinkedIn. 

2. The Diverse Expertise of a Sales Enablement Agency

The whole reason B2B sales teams exist in the first place is that different businesses do different things. Businesses are reliant upon one another for mutual success. A good sales enablement agency understands that and works with a wide range of businesses for that very reason. 

With a deep knowledge of the inner workings of industries like cybersecurity, web design, SaaS companies, and more, Thumbstop Media creates content on-demand customized to the attributes of your business. They engineer the content to reach the businesses that make up your target audience. 

Because they have experience in marketing for your target audience as well, they already know what matters to the leadership teams in those businesses and what will give your marketing content an edge. 

Here are just a few of the industries for which a sales enablement agency like Thumbstop Media can provide specific, high-quality content. You will also see some of the strategies they emphasize in that process. 

B2B Social Media Ideas for Cybersecurity in 2022

The cybersecurity industry hit over $156 Billion in 2020, and that number is projected to more than triple by 2026. 

Cybersecurity is more important now than it’s ever been. Individuals and companies alike are looking to the industry to provide protection for their most valuable data.

The market for good cybersecurity solutions is saturated for that reason. Making your company stand out requires a specific, strategic approach. 

A sales enablement agency will help you clarify your branding on social media and make your message easy to understand for your customers.

They will create and edit social media content on-demand like blogs, social media posts, and more for your cybersecurity company. All of the content is research-backed, targeted to your audience, and SEO optimized to give your company a unique, authoritative voice in the cybersecurity industry. 

Thumbstop Media will go the extra mile to help you discover your niche in the industry and focus your marketing on what makes you unique to your target audience. With the cybersecurity industry exploding, this is the edge your company needs. 

Best Content Creation Tools for SaaS Companies

If you are a software as a service company owner or executive, you know that your presentation, your customer service, and a high standard for your software’s user experience are non-negotiables. 

A sales enablement agency can create the content needed to position you well amongst your competitors. You’ll receive strong blog content, social media posts, LinkedIn and other social media ad management, and more.

Thumbstop Media stands out in that, they will help you elevate the quality of your SaaS platform itself and ensure that its user experience is the best it can be. 

For example, Thumbstop worked with Connected Investors on their SEO content and marketing strategies. But they also consulted on the ongoing development and improvement of Connected Investor’s product. With such a strong creative investment in the foundation of the company, Thumbstop Media was able to help Connected Investors improve the quality of their original app and develop a suite of apps that took their revenue from $150,000 annually to $20 million annually. 

3. Better Cold Prospect Engagement 

A good sales enablement agency will include all the befits of a cold prospecting agency.

There is no need to bog down your sales team with databases full of cold leads. The power of your sales team lies in their ability to negotiate with clients who are already warmed up and ready to go. 

The benefits of sales enablement include a team dedicated to doing the grunt work of cold emailing and tracking down meaningful leads. Not only will this save your company money, but it will also make your sales team happy and more effective. 

Thumbstop Media does this with a strong managed outbound engine.

Here’s how it works. 

Audience Research

Using the power of LinkedIn (and outside sources if necessary), Thumbstop will identify your best targets by analyzing data like their title, years at the company, seniority level, the type and size of their company, and much more.

They will track down your most likely customer candidates for you. Then your sales team can follow through with ease.

Lead Data

Thumbstop will build custom lists outside of LinkedIn if necessary to ensure your company has the specialized marketing data for years to come. This database will also empower Thumbstop to do the initial emailing, lead generation, and call booking on your behalf. 

Imagine if your sales team just had to show up and take the calls already booked for them. How much more money would your business be making every year? 

CRM Integration

Your sales team won’t have to track down leads the managed outbound engine is generating. They’ll find the leads sitting in their CRM in real-time as the leads pour in. 

CRMs are great, but just entering data can eat massive chunks of your sales team’s valuable time. Let the sales enablement agency integrate your leads generator with your CRM so that manual data entry becomes a thing of the past. 

Managed Inbox

How great does it feel to picture yourself with a dedicated sales enablement manager that tracks your replies, tags and organizes your leads, and also books your sales calls so you don’t have to? 

Yeah, breathe a sigh of relief. With Thumbstop’s team working for you, your sales team’s job just got way easier. 

Sales Copywriting

The outbound content is refreshed each term as the sales enablement agency learns what is working best and what needs improvement. Your targeted marketing gets smarter and more efficient over time. This contributes to the ongoing growth of your business. 


When it comes to engaging cold prospects, you’ll receive accurate, detailed reports with useful feedback, campaign optimization plans, and fresh sales copy every week. 

Thumbstop Media’s team is comprised of industry experts across multiple disciplines. They will give you a free consultation on all the strategies mentioned above. They’ll even give you a free email leads list and action plan just for taking the time to meet with them. 

Don’t wait to book a consultation session. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose!

4. Email Marketing Automation 

It is estimated that companies can expect to receive $42 for every dollar spent on email marketing. 

Even in the social media age, email marketing is still a massive component of any successful marketing strategy. 

The problem is that developing quality email copy, managing newsletters, cold prospect emailing, finding the time to reply to leads, and maintaining an organized inbox is a debilitating drain on your sales team’s time. 

A sales enablement agency can solve this problem with strong email marketing automation strategies. Not only will they handle the emailing elements discussed in the previous section, but they will also set up ongoing, automated emailing systems. 

Thumbstop Media goes above and beyond with this; they don’t just “set it and forget it.” They maintain accurate reports of what’s working and what isn’t, always optimizing newsletter and email campaigns for better results.

Over time, your audience will be refined down to the people who are most likely to take your emails seriously, and your sales will improve!

Coupled with your improved LinkedIn presence, customized social media ads, call booking services, product improvement consultations, and a plethora of other exciting sales enablement tools, automated email marketing will be a key element of your new and improved sales strategy. 

5. For the Love of Success

What do all of these benefits really amount to if not better leads, more clients, and higher profit margins? 

That’s the most exciting benefit of a sales enablement agency. 

Sure, they will take the pressure off of your sales team, automate so many features that could take your team weeks to implement (and likely mismanage), optimize your marketing and sales campaigns through social media, email, and web design, and even help you develop a more widely-appealing software if you are in the SaaS industry.

But none of that matters if it doesn’t ultimately lead to more sales and the growth of your company. 

A sales enablement agency makes it possible for your sales team to do the job you hired them for…

make sales! 

No two businesses are the same, and a sales enablement agency will strategize the best ways to meet the unique needs of your business. A wide range of experience in different industries makes them flexible and capable of adapting solutions for your specific environment and struggles. 

Laser-focused solutions will keep your company from flailing and wasting valuable time in brainstorming sessions that distract from the work you are here to do. 

Other Exciting Tools 

The five reasons in this article barely scratch the surface of the long-term value a sales enablement agency can provide. As if the perks listed above aren’t enough, Thumbstop Media has tons of other sales enhancement strategies in their arsenal.

Here are just a few of the additional features in their bundles:

  • Keyword research
  • SEO optimization 
  • A website data audit
  • A website UI/UX audit
  • 12 blogposts 
  • 36 social media visuals and captions
  • 12 educational YouTube videos and optimized YouTube descriptions 
  • 12 SEO optimized transcriptions

…and so much more. Of course, this is just 3 months of features. These offerings on top of everything that’s already been listed make it a no-brainer. Imagine the potential growth and optimization your business will experience if you use these strategies over the course of a year. 

You will see your business grow and thrive with exponential returns on investment. 

Revolutionize Your Business With a SEA

From LinkedIn ads and campaigns to better cold prospect management to stronger email marketing, a sales enablement agency will improve the quality of your sales strategy and the number of your sales. 

Thumbstop Media’s marketing bundles are full of customized solutions that fit your business and budget perfectly. You can check out our bundles today or contact us with any questions you might have. 

The benefits of sales enablement far outweigh the costs. Connect today.

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